Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mexican lunch

Made "enchilada-sagne" last night - a recipe from my dear friend Emily. It uses up tons of stuff in the cabinets, especially the refried beans I keep getting free at Harris Teeter with triple-coupon days. It's not vegan; I used good-old cheese on top. Tastes best cooked forever in the oven until melty and gloppy and gushy.

Packed up the leftovers for lunch today (cut Nate's up for him).


Snack: carrots, snap peas, green beans (from the garden), tomatoes (from the garden), hummus
Lunch: enchiladasagne, chips, salsa, M&Ms
Snack: leftover "Mommy Mix"


Lunch: enchiladasagne, chips, salsa, veggies, mandarin orange, M&Ms

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