Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our garden, phase 1

I've been working towards a good vegetable container garden for years, but this year is when it all comes together. I just know it. We finally have a spigot installed in our backyard which will save much back-breaking work hauling water out from the kitchen. I invested in great quality potting soil and soil enhancers and we're set to go.

Today I finished filling all of the containers and mapping out a plan for what will go where. I planted the items that will be grown from seed (cucumbers, basil, chives, cilantro, rosemary) and tomorrow I'll go buy the plants that we'll let the garden center start for us (tomatoes and peppers).

Here's how I'm planning it. I'll take another picture when the seedlings are installed and growing!

And when I say "we"? I mean me and friend Dave. Husband has been no help at all, and I imagine he'll finally get into the game when it comes to the all-important "eat the fruits of our labor" part of the game.

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crazedmommy said... the really deep ones are they completely full of soil??