Monday, July 28, 2008

Bumper has surgery

Anyone who knows Nate knows Bumper.

Bumper started as his big, plush crib bumper. He grew attached to the fuzzy tassels that anchored it to the crib, and it became his "lovey." At some point I detached one from the crib for him to carry around the house with him, and carry it around he did.

I waited too long to acquire a second bumper to switch out for cleaning and repairs, so there is only One True Bumper and he's loving it to death.

First a small hole spread in the pillow part, and finally the pillow fell out and he dragged around the skin. Then the fabric started wearing away until all that was left was the zipper with the tassels attached to each end. Yesterday one of the tassels detached.

Surgery this morning went well. My clumsy stitches should keep it attached for another long while, and I see no reason why a repeat surgery shouldn't work if needed.

We love you, Bumper.

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