Friday, July 25, 2008

Target sweep

Two fun deals at Target today (sorry for the lousy photo!)

I'd read that the Pond's clean sweep towelettes have a sticker for a free movie ticket to Mamma Mia (or another Universal Pictures release). The towelettes cost $6.50, and obviously a movie ticket's more than that - they're $9 or $10 around here. Plus I had four $1.50/coupons.


4 packages of Ponds towelettes - $26
minus 4 $1.50/coupons - $20
minus value of 4 movie tickets (at $9 each) - earned about $16 on this deal, plus I have the towelettes!

I used the Target store coupons from A Full Cup for the Pamper's deal. Neither item was on sale, so this is a deal anyone can take advantage of at any time (except for the $1 and $.20 manufacturer coupons).

Four Jumbo packages of Pampers (10.99 each) - $43.96
Four packages of Pampers wipes (6.59 each) - $26.36
Total - $70.32

Minus 4 $5/both Target coupons - $50.32
Minus 4 $3/both Target coupons - $38.32
Minus 4 "Get a $5 Target giftcard with the purchase of both" coupons - $18.32
Minus 4 $.20/wipes manufacturer coupons - $17.52
Minus 4 $1/Pampers manufacturer coupons - $13.52

Net cost with sales tax: $14.75

I expect to be able to sell the Pampers wipes on eBay for at least $15, which makes this a moneymaker. I already have all the wipes I can use from the freebies at CVS, and it was really only the diapers I was after. So, another free diaper day! I'm going back tomorrow. :)


NEC said...

Wow- I linked over here from Get RIch Slowly, and I have to say this is definitely amazing. I've been reading back through your CVS deals and was wondering what "ECB" stands for. Is that a silly question?

I was wondering if you have some kind of post that would explain your methodology for finding out about all of the CVS stuff- I definitely am interested in that. I live in the capitol hill neighborhood here in DC and so there is a CVS right by me.

I am single and don't have a family but obviously this makes sense for people like me too. Anyways, love your run downs, I am sending this to my mom, she will be shocked!


NEC said...

Ah- Extra Care Bucks. Found it in an old post- from the CVS primer you linked to. Fascinating stuff, seriously!

Jeanine said...

Hey Leah, it's jeanine from dwlz. Anywho. So, i've been doing great at kroger & cvs & now TARGET..woohoo! I'm super excited about the pampers deal. So, you can use 4 coupons at target per item? Or 3 and then the $5 giftcard one isnt really a coupon? I'm confused. Help a girly out. :)