Monday, July 21, 2008

Truly free baby stuff this week

Between CVS & Walgreens, Moms are rejoicing this week.

Looks like the $2/CVS skincare coupon has been pulled offline. I'm not sure what happened, but if you already have some printed out you can use them. I luckily printed out a bunch, and I'm using the heck out of them this week.

CVS is doing a "spend $15 on CVS baby supplies, get 5 ECBs back" deal. The baby wipes are on sale 2/$4, and at my CVS the skincare coupon works just fine on it. So last night I got eight and checked out one-by-one, using the skincare coupon on each. They were entirely free (no sales tax) and after I bought the last one 5 ECBs printed out. Luckily I like the wipes, too! They're the cottony texture of the Huggies ones (I've never liked the thin Pampers ones). I'll be doing that deal on both of our cards this week, giving us 16 tubs of wipes.

I'm sure most of you have read about the Walgreens free diaper deal. Last time around, I couldn't find the prescription coupon book anywhere (and by anywhere I mean at the TWO Walgreens within 30 miles of my house.) I happened to check by the pharmacy last week at the one DC Walgreens and they DID have the booklet. I figured there wouldn't be a chance to use it, but got lucky and the diapers went on sale again this week (through Thursday).

I was in Rockville yesterday visiting my parents and hit their Walgreens for a test run. Got three packs that rang up right around $19. Used the pharmacy coupon first and it took $6 off the order, just like it was supposed to. Used the coupon from the Easysaver catalog and it took $7.50 off just like it was supposed to. I paid $5.20 with tax, and the coupon for $5 off my next order printed out just like it was supposed to. It was almost more confusing that it worked perfectly than it would have been if something had gone awry!

Needless to say, I hit the deal hard. I got 12 packages in Rockville and another 12 back here in DC. I'll probably go back once more and get a few more. I'm donating 6 to the shelter around the corner, and have enough for my boys for 3 months or so. Very happy.

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