Friday, July 18, 2008

More sleep blather

Jack's still not a great sleeper, but if I think about the course we've taken he's definitely much improved. Without much training on my part, he's given up the two nighttime feedings (12 and 4) in favor of one around 3. Since he goes down around 6:30, I think that's pretty darn good. A few times he has slept straight through 'til 5, but I think I've counted 7 times ever. Not great, but definitely progress.

I've stopped giving him his before-nap bottle in his room, which has made life much harder on us both. He used to drink into oblivion, I'd stick a paci in his mouth, and that'd be it. Now I feed him downstairs and then head up, stick a paci in, and that's just not it. He'll get drowsy, I'll put him down, and 5 minutes later he's warbling away. I'll let him go a while, then go in, stick in the paci, rock him until he's drowsy, and repeat. A whole bunch of times. I'm really doing my best to try to let him work it out himself, but he's not going lightly. Sometimes he ends up falling asleep, sometimes I end up taking him downstairs for more milk.

It's absolutely amazing how dedicated he is to falling asleep with milk in his mouth. Before I quit feeding him in his room there were times when I'd pick him back out, give him back his bottle, and literally take three sucks before wanting the paci back and heading off to nap. He just needs a little taste.

It doesn't help that he now says "ma, ma, ma" every time he seems me.

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