Saturday, July 12, 2008

CVS weekly deals - July 13th

Two great deals this week, and both are money-makers when you combine them with the new $3/$15 coupon.

First is that the Kodak Picture Books are totally free after ECBS - you can get two large ones (6 x 8, 10 page hardcover) - pay $7.99, get $7.99 back. Combine them with the $3/off coupon from the 6/8 SS, and use some filler to get yourself to $15 (or buy both in the same transaction), and these are true money makers.

For example:

Buy TWO 6 x 8 photo books: $15.98
First use the $3/15 coupon
Then use TWO $3/Kodak coupons
Get back $15.98 ECBs.

Net cost (without sales tax): EARN $9!!

The small Kodak book (4 x 6, 10 page hardcover) is also free after ECBs: Pay $3.99, get $3.99 back. The coupon doesn't work for this size, so you'll have to settle for free. Tough life, huh?

The other great deal is the Sally Hansen nail poish. It's on sale for $.99 each, and you can combine them with this $3 off any 2 nail polish coupon to get them for free. The "internet" seems to be mixed on whether you should get 3 nail polishes ($2.97) and then present a coupon to get all 3 for free (that's my inclination), or just get 2 nail polishes ($1.98) and they'll adjust the coupon down so they're still free. I'll try the deal out soon and report back on which one works better.

Have fun this week!

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