Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Garden update

Gracious, this garden is on the edge of being out-of-control. I'm proud it's growing so well, but I feel like the sorcerer in the Disney movie where everything keeps multiplying. When the tomates start to ripen, we're going to have more to eat than we'll know what to do with. What a great problem to have!

Our budding gardener:



JalapeƱos on the left, Cherry Bomb peppers on the right:

Big tomatoes:

Grape tomatoes (Super Sweet 100s on the right, yellow pear on the left):

Notice anything missing? Yup, all of the carrots and the beautiful cilantro are completely gone. The culprit? The bane of every DC resident: rats. An abandoned house about 5 down has a huge rat problem in the basement. They roam around at night looking for food, and evidentially have gourmet tastes. Needless to say, traps have been dispatched and I've replanted. Yuck.

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