Monday, July 28, 2008

CVS recap - week of July 20 + Walgreens recap

I don't have my receipts anymore, and I didn't have the energy to compile everything for a super-fab photo, so this will have to suffice:

Total haul from CVS:

  • 7 Vive Pro conditioners (BOGO CVS deal + BOGO manufacturer coupon = sales tax only)
  • 5 Vive Pro shampoos (BOGO CVS deal + BOGO manufacturer coupon = sales tax only)
  • 2 packages Bic Soleil replacement blades ("Buy 2, get 5 ecbs back" + 2 4/off manu coupons = $1 net cost)
  • 1 CVS hand sanitizer (free with CRT)
  • 16 tubs baby wipes (on sale for $2, used $2/skincare coupon, all were free plus 10 ECBS (5 on each account)) - not all are in the photo since they're already in use!
Net cost for CVS: just under $2 (sales tax on the Vive Pro + $1 for the razor blades)


Walgreen haul:

I used the super-coupon method to get 27 packages of diapers, paying just $1.71 TOTAL in salex tax. I donated 10 of those packages to Bread for the City, along with 4 Vive Pro shampoos and 4 Vive Pro conditioners.

I don't have a photo of all the diapers together, but here's my stockpile in Nate's closet. Note the lack of clothes hanging in the closet - if a little girl ever lives here you bet they'll be filled up!

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