Thursday, July 3, 2008

CVS recap - week of June 29th

Here's what I've gotten this week (I still have a few more things to pick up, but this is most of it):

Merchandise total: $194.90
Net cost after sales tax: EARNED $.69

Sorry - I found two more receipts.

Merchandise total: $239.01
Net cost after sales tax: $1.74

Drat! If I hadn't made the mistake and bought the Band-Aid brand instead of the CVS brand, I'd have made a profit on all of this (including some full-price items we just needed in the house).

Anyway, I've decided to stop breaking it out by transaction because it's just too boring. I'll just list the deals I took advantage of and the coupons I used to make it work. Then you can make it work however you want. I did two trips (one in June, one in July) and used both my account and Stewart's account.

  • 2 CVS pantiliners (July freebie): Pay $.99, get .99 ECB
  • 2 CVS makeup removers (July deal): Pay $2.99, get 1 ECB. Used $2/CVS skincare coupon
  • 9 Brut deoderants (June deal): Pay $3.59, get 3 ECBs. Used $.55/Brut from the 6/8 SS
  • 2 Clairol Natural Instincts (weekly deal): Pay $5.99, get 1 ECB. Used $4/Clairol from the 6/1 P&G
  • 7 CVS aftershaves (weekly deal): Pay $2.59, get 1 ECB. Used $2/CVS skincare coupon
  • 1 Johnson & Johnson trial-sized lotion. Pay $1. Used $1/coupon (no longer found online)
  • 4 CVS 40-count bandages (June freebie): Pay $1.99, get 1.99 ECBs
  • 4 Bic Soleil Razors, 4 packs cartridges (July deal): Pay $13.98 for two, get 5 ECBs. Used TWO $4/coupons from the 6/22 SS
  • 2 Crest toothpastes (weekly deal). Pay $1.99, get 1 ECB. Used $1/Crest from the 6/1 P&G
  • 4 Sure deodorants (July deal). Buy 2, get 3 ECBs. Priced at $2.79. Used BOGO coupons from 6/29 SS
  • 2 Physicians Formula mascaras (weekly freebie). Pay $7.99, get 7.99 ECBs.
  • 2 Coppertone sunscreen sticks (weekly deal). Buy any 2, get 10 ECBs. Sticks were priced at $5.60 each.
  • 7 Listerine Smart Rinses (June freebie). Pay $3.59, get 3.59 ECBs.
  • 1 pack Oral B toothbrushes (June freebie). Pay $6.99, get 6.99 ECBs.
  • Bandaids: MISTAKE. Meant to get the CVS brand freebies.
  • Ivory soap: needed them for the house.
  • 2 Accu-Check diabetes meters (weekly freebie). Pay $9.99, get 9.99 ECBs.
I was able to use the expired $3/15 coupon 7 times before it started beeping which certainly didn't hurt.

And that's how you get almost $200 worth of stuff for free! I love the freebies, I love the hunt, I love the brain workout this gives me.

I plan to start tracking my own deals instead of relying on the other blogs out there; I sometimes find out about deals too late to take advantage of them (like the Huggies June deal, I could have cleaned up on that one!) Stay tuned for better coverage of upcoming deals!


Marin said...

WOW! That's really all I can say. Wow.

The Ice House said...

Great job. I like how you listed your "loot". It is easy to read and a little more interesting when you've got lots and lots of stuff!