Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This has always been a blog about my pregnancies and my babies, and I have conscientiously shied away from posting about myself or the greater concepts of our lives. I know that it's good to keep streamlined so people aren't confused and thrown around all over the place. A person who tunes in to hear how Jack is doing may not be particularly interested in my money-saving ventures or the garden we're planting.

But I do have things I'd like to talk about and document, and theoretically the stories of our lives really are the boy's stories. I'd like them to have a fuller picture about how we spent our time; the details that made up our days.

All of this is to say that I'll be posting a bit more expansively in the future, I hope. There are some neat money-saving methods I've discovered that people may be interested in, and some stories of my own life that I'd like to remember in the future. I thought about starting a new blog to talk about things that are less obviously about the boys, but it seemed like keeping everything together would be a lot easier.

If anyone has thoughts, please share them. Please.

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