Thursday, May 15, 2008

Milestone Moment!

Sitting on the potty last night, I did a bit of reading about potty training this older boy of mine. I read the list of "signs your child might be ready to potty train" and Nate fulfilled, um, ALL OF THEM. All except for the one little minor petty one that read "Interested in using the bathroom." Whatever. It's time.

He's been taking his diaper off all over the place. The last two times I picked him up from his little local co-op playschool he's been wearing no diaper at all (interesting point? Neither the teacher nor any of the parents "working" that day saw him ditch it.) He wants to see his poop whenever I change a poopy diaper and he follows me into the bathroom at every opportunity to watch me use it. He's ready. Even if he doesn't want to be.

So today I started a "pants off" policy when we're hanging around the house. And I bought jelly beans. About 20 minutes after the diaper came off, he started pooping in the kitchen. I whisked him off to the potty (just feet away) and he finished up there - it seems like successfully using the potty was a great motivator for him. He went on to pee in the potty three times today! Lots of jelly beans were eaten, lots of enthusiastic songs were sung, and I'm seriously proud of him.

It's about freaking time.

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