Saturday, May 17, 2008

Meal plan

The meal plan for this week is going to be very sparse; it's a very social week for us.

Sunday - leftover crockpot lasagna. Very bland, but serviceable enough.
Monday - We're out to dinner with family (my baby sister is turning 30!)
Tuesday - I'm out to dinner with a friend. I'll let Stewart reheat something frozen or have a Trader Joe's Indian meal.
Wednesday - Dave over for dinner. I plan to re-make the Spinach Calzones since they were such a hit with Stewart.
Thursday - We're out to dinner with neighbors.
Friday - I'll probably try this recipe for Tofu Parmigiana for the first time.
Saturday - Dinner at a neighbor's house

Not too inspiring, huh?

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Stephanie said...

Why didn't I know about this blog?!?! Love it! And also - send me an e-mail about Google Adsense...Is it worth it? Love ya!