Saturday, May 24, 2008


I've been sleep training Jack for a few days now, and though I'm not being perfect (aka: tough enough), we're both definitely making progress.

I've forced him to cry to sleep for his naps for three days now, and today he barely peeped (and he slept almost 2 hours at each nap). I found if I put him down on his side, instead of his tummy, he's a lot happier. I've forced him to do it without the pacifier, since I want him to sleep independently of any intervention on my part, and he's adjusting very well.

He's not liking the idea of skipping the midnight feed, no siree. Two nights ago he cried for over half an hour before I caved, and last night I didn't even make it to 20 minutes. We're closing in on midnight right now, and though he cried for a few seconds a few minutes ago, things are looking pretty good. I'm scared to go brush my teeth (the bathroom shares a wall with his room) for fear of getting too cocky.

But things are starting to feel much less crazy around here. I put him down, I expect him to stay down, and he's doing a damn good job of coming through for me. Thanks, buddy.

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