Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Meal plan

Truthfully, I don't do a ton of "housewife" duties. We have a cleaning crew that comes in every other week, so you will never find me scrubbing a toilet or a shower. I do laundry and re-stock diapers and grocery shop and pay bills and straighten up and make meals and keep the children alive. Okay, I guess I do quite a bit of housewife stuff. Just no deep cleaning.

I've gotten into a routine where I spend a little time on Sunday coming up with a meal plan for the week, grocery shopping, and then prepping the food for the week as best I can. I chop up a bunch of fruits and veggies to put out with Nate's meals (or AS Nate's meal) and I chop up as much as I can for the recipes I plan to make during the week. It allows me to cook much more easily during a hectic week-day, and makes it easy for Nate to help out with the stirring and whatnot.

When I think of it, I'll post my meal plan for the week. I don't plan more than 4 meals each week because:

1) We often have leftovers that we can eat the next night (the is a BIG leftover house)
2) We sometimes decide to walk to a local restaurant for dinner
3) I occasionally just don't cook, leaving Stewart to happily heat up a Trader Joe's indian meal and feeding myself a delicious Lean Cuisine.

This week's plan:

Trader Joe's chili lime chicken burgers w/roasted potatoes (did this Monday, one of our easy favorites)
African Sweet Potato Stew (did this Tuesday for the first time, it went over very well with both the under 3 crowd and the over 40 demographic. We'll have it again tonight.)
Slow Cooker Lasagne (Maybe Thursday?)
Spinach Calzones

I'm always on the lookout for good vegetarian dinners if you have any to share!

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